Vivian for sure is a life changer!

It was great to work with Vivian! From day one I started to experience growth in my online business and saw my orders increase.

I’ve had success in pretty much all areas of my life: From finding the job I love, to selling great amounts of my vegan soaps in markets, but above all the greatest part for me is the change of thoughts that naturally started to happen.

Vivian re-shaped my perception of success, of money, of wealth, and my own worth.

She provided me with excellent tools to create a mind shift and had so many suggestions and ideas on how to grow and expand my business.

Vivian for sure is a life changer!

All the best and have a wonderful week, full of success,


The future, it’s unlimited with Vivian supporting you.

So, you want to go into business for yourself, right? You want to control your life in ways you cannot do while working for someone else, no matter how hard you try, right?

Well as wonderful those ideas make you feel, you cannot do it by yourself, you just cannot.

I started a tax preparation/consulting firm from scratch way back in 1983 and it was not easy and it took more than a few years to get it to a lifestyle sustaining venture. It was throwing stuff against the wall to see what would stick.

Today is 2019, soon to be 2020 and you need experienced, motivated help You need a sounding board, you need that living wall to throw stuff at, one that talks back, with honest feedback, and most importantly, feedback that is continuous and does not stop until you have achieved your goals.

I am talking about Power of Now Business Consulting LLC. Led by Vivian Baxter, support is non-stop, the wall not only talks back, but it screams back, keeping you on the subject, keeps you going, pushing forward until you reach that desired level. Vivian’s technical skills creating your website, marketing, advertising, her non-stop support, keeps you on target.

Vivian is the reason I am where I am at today, successful, walking tall, feeling confident that I can provide a superior service to any client.

The future, it’s unlimited with Vivian supporting you.

John P. Mullowney, Enrolled Agent, Cincinnati, Ohio

I am grateful for all the remarkable changes

Vivian is a rare find, my sessions with her created instant shifts clearing the cloudy confused thoughts to clarity and intention.

There’s no airy-fairy stuff here just a deep understanding of how energy gets stuck and how to get it flowing again energetically and I continue to see distressing patterns dissolve.

Her high vibratory state and authentic presence along with humor and lightness create a safe space to let my barriers down and receive.

I am grateful for all the remarkable changes she has facilitated in bringing back to my life.

With Gratitude,



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