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power of now Financial Forecasting Guidance

So many times people are not aware that their words, actions, and thoughts are creating what they do not want.


Financial Forecasting Guidance

Financial forecasts show you, your partners, and your investors your outlook on the business. Remember that there are always things you can do to improve the present moment.

Eliminate restricted thinking and expand your mind with positive thoughts to give stakeholders the confidence to believe in YOU and the future version of yourself.

Write your business plan into prosperity the first year. Sales are up! New Ideal Clients are irresistibly drawn to me like a magnet. My business is easy for me! Everyone loves doing business with me.  


Financial Forecasting Guidance The Next Level


COVID-19 has disrupted society and its effects are lingering in business. As a business professional, you too may let these issues impact your focus and cloud your decision-making, something that WILL reduce your sales.

Money is, although trivial in the universe, an essential building block to success in your life right now. Have a stronger relationship with money and manifest it into your life as I help you eliminate the limiting beliefs you have about it.

Prospecting clients and retaining them are a struggle for many businesses both old and new. You may ask “why aren’t clients choosing me?”




Unlock revenue and sales potential by working with me to reshape your structure of physical reality and accomplish that end-goal you’ve always dreamed

You must believe and understand as a fact that there is actually an unlimited amount of money for YOU to tap into and control. YOU must get out of your own way so you can see the opportunities that lay in front of you.

Well, the answer is you may not produce enough high-energy, positive vibrations within yourself for others to believe in you. We attract who we are, not what we want. Your energy vibrations attract like energy. Let me work with you to know who you want to attract, be who you want to attract, and share with who you want to attract.

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“Vivian re-shaped my perception of success, of money,  of wealth, and my own worth. From day one I started to experience growth in my online business and saw my orders increase. Vivian for sure is a life changer!”


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