A professional life changer that isn’t your typical 10-step life coach.

Hello, my name is Vivian Baxter and I’m the CEO of Power of Now Business Consulting, LLC where I push executives and business professionals to their limitless potential through carefully crafted life/business planning that is unlike any other wellness program.

For a little bit about my background, I have worked for 25 years in technology both in the public and private sector and had the opportunity to fly all over the country to fix other people’s problems.

I’ve helped business people in companies of all shapes and sizes in various industries capture the essence of their meaning and bolster their spiritual health, success, and prosperity, all while seeing results and having fun!

Here’s a snippet from a previous client Kirsten that outlines exactly what I produce:
“I’ve had success in pretty much all areas of my life: From finding the job I love, to selling great amounts of my vegan soaps in markets, but above all the greatest part for me is the change of thoughts that naturally started to happen.”

I guide people by not retraining what they already know, but having them unlearn everything and align on a spiritual plane leading towards abundance and prosperity. I’m a creative source that flows this energy onto you in order to create the world you want to live in and the business you’ve always conceptualized.

I’m not here to tear you apart or break you down. I’m here to lay the foundation and build you into the most successful version of yourself. Here’s a testimonial from another client Joanna:
“Her high vibratory state and authentic presence along with humor and lightness create a safe space to let my barriers down and receive.”

Learn differently and think differently from what everyone else is thinking and doing. The past, present, and future are all the same things running simultaneously.

Get in touch with me below and unlock your Power of Now! Take your life to the Next Level!


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