Your power is now!

power of now Break From Your Past Struggles

Take a look at the world around you. Most people live in the world without. Your POWER is Within You NOW! Take Your Power to the Next Level!


Break Through Your Past Struggles

If you would like to constantly receive sales every day, start stating “Sales Are Up“, this energy is in the moment and continues throughout future moments.

 We can implement programs and embed processes that enable you to re-focus and think concisely about your business to make the best decisions.

Take Your Business to the Next Level!



I am grateful for all the remarkable changes

Vivian is a rare find, my sessions with her created instant shifts clearing the cloudy confused thoughts to clarity and intention.

There’s no airy-fairy stuff here just a deep understanding of how energy gets stuck and how to get it flowing again energetically and I continue to see distressing patterns dissolve.

Her high vibratory state and authentic presence along with humor and lightness create a safe space to let my barriers down and receive.

I am grateful for all the remarkable changes she has facilitated in bringing back to my life.

With Gratitude,


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