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The #1 reason people do not have what they want in their business is they do not have a clear path of what they want and where they want to be.

Did you put tons of time and effort into your business, only to have no one visit your site and no one book your services?

What if I told you there is a better way?

With our coaching, you will learn to strategize your goals and optimize your plan to land those big-ticket clients you dream about!

Power of Now Plan for Success

Business Roadmaps Custom Tailored To Your Needs

We use our industry expertise to create a roadmap specifically catered to you and the aspirations you have for your business, no matter how big your dreams are!

  • Professional business coaching at  any 
       phase of growth
  • Strategies built for sustainability
  • One-on-One Coaching services that keep
       you focused and in alignment

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One-On-one Coaching

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What We Can Do For You

The Power of Now is all about real-time consulting and coaching in the moment. We aim to transform your business not in the traditional sense, but through powerful wealth-generating techniques that start at the core of your business.

You will unlearn everything you have been taught up until now. Our approach is to craft you into a revenue-generating machine and add to your financial and mental wealth by helping you change the energy you create around you.

The path towards infinite prosperity starts with success and abundance. Sameness will undoubtedly lead to stagnant results. Break free from this stuck and repeated energy through applying The Law of Attraction.

Revenue Acceleration

We help grow your top line and alleviate the negative pressures that disrupt your financial goals.

Financial Forecasting Guidance

Expand your mind with positivity to give stock holders the confidence to believe in you.

Break From Your Past Struggles

We help you re-focus and think concisely about your business to enable decisive decision making.

Deliver on your vision

NOW, is all there is. Let’s add to your vision of the future around the definition of success.

From Our Founder

If There Is A Will, There Is A Way!

Always move forward. It is your ability to stay focused on what you want. 

Letting go of society ways of doing things and being in the energy is the most powerful way to create anything!

When you are in this creative source energy everything flows in harmony and synchronicity.




COVID-19 has disrupted society and its effects are lingering in business. As a business professional, you too may let these issues impact your focus and cloud your decision-making, something that WILL reduce your sales.

Money is, although trivial in the universe, an essential building block to success in your life right now. Have a stronger relationship with money and manifest it into your life as I help you eliminate the limiting beliefs you have about it.

Prospecting clients and retaining them are a struggle for many businesses both old and new. You may ask “why aren’t clients choosing me?”



Unlock revenue and sales potential by working with me to reshape your structure of physical reality and accomplish that end-goal you’ve always dreamed

You must believe and understand as a fact that there is actually an unlimited amount of money for YOU to tap into and control. YOU must get out of your own way so you can see the opportunities that lay in front of you.

Well, the answer is you may not produce enough high-energy, positive vibrations within yourself for others to believe in you. We attract who we are, not what we want. Your energy vibrations attract like energy. Let me work with you to know who you want to attract, be who you want to attract, and share with who you want to attract.


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