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What does a business coach do?

Coaches are business partners that assist clients with the creative, problem-solving processes that go along with the day-to-day operations and goal-planning of a business.

Why should I hire a business coach?

No matter what stage you are in with your business, a coach can provide the help you need to get to the next level! According to the 2014 Global Coaching Client Study, the overwhelming majority of clients that worked with coaches were highly satisfied and saw the results of their work and 96% said they would do it again.

Do you only serve a certain geographical area?

While Power of Now is based in Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati, Ohio area, we are happy and work with clients in other locations, too! We are well-versed in Zoom and other similar platforms, so we can consult no matter the distance between us.

What are your current rates?

We have a basic guide guide on our services page. To learn more about our current rates, please visit our Services page or Contact Us at 607-233-4087 to learn more.

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

Consultants are typically there to find the solutions to your pressing issues, while coaches are there to ask you questions and give you the guidance to come up with your own answers and solutions.

Do you only work with clients of certain industries?

Not at all! We are happy to work with individuals and companies of any niche or industry.

I’m not sure which service I need; what should I do?

Many of our clients need to combine more than one of our services, so we are happy to do so for you as well! Contact Us for your own custom-tailored Power of Now package.

Do you offer payment plans?

We are happy to discuss payment arrangements directly, so please Contact Us 607-233-4087 to do so.

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